Apple gets employees arrested for leaking secrets

Anyone who reveals Apple secrets must expect consequences. This message pervades an internal newsletter to all Apple employees. The iPhone manufacturer warns against revealing company secrets.

According to own data, Apple in the past year dismissed a total of 29 employees, because these company secrets have been leaked. Twelve former employees have even been arrested, reports Bloomberg, which has a corresponding internal Apple note. Apple wants to encourage its employees with a circular to not divulge company secrets.

The company justifies the crackdown as it is causing a significant damage. The products still being sold would be less successful if customers were already waiting for a new product. In addition, information leaked beforehand would lead to worse sales when they hit the market. Furthermore, the competition would learn in advance what Apple has in mind and could react to it faster.

Apple reacts strongly to secret betrayal

“These people not only lose their jobs, they will also find it extremely difficult to find a new job elsewhere,” writes the management. “Persons who reveal secrets are caught faster than ever before.”

In the newsletter, Apple recalls incidents from the past. Accordingly, a software developer was dismissed in March 2018 because he had passed on details for planning in the software area. In addition, Apple identified the employee who last year published the finished version of iOS 11 in advance.

In June 2017, it became known how Apple seeks to locate traitors in its own ranks. A security team, therefore, controls the employees at contract manufacturers, so that no parts are smuggled out of the works. The team also includes former members of intelligence agencies, law enforcement agencies, and the military. The security team should not only prevent the smuggling of components or other information but also seek out the source of such information.

PS5 – Price, Specs, Release Date of Sony Play Station 5

Could the PS5 come out in 2018? According to a series of new rumors, Sony could indeed decide to release the PlayStation 5 on the market this year.

The creation of the console is already well underway the latest news is developers are already designing video games for the PS5. Check out the latest rumors about the PlayStation 5, Sony’s next console.


ps5 specs release date sony


PS5 will use AMD’s Navi as its base architecture while it will utilize a Zen CPU from the same company.

Sony has already provided developers with development kits for the PlayStation. With these kits, developers of video game studios can already look into the development of future video games that will be offered on the PS5. As Gran Turismo Sports game designer Kazunori Yamauchi reports, these PS5 games should be able to shoot in 8K. “I think that turning it into 8K would not be a problem,” he said last year.


The kits for developers have already been distributed by Sony en masse to many video game studios. Developers have been working on PS5 games for almost two months.

For now, we still have very little information about the PlayStation 5. According to the CEO of Sony, the Japanese manufacturer does not give up the idea of a physical console in favor of a console in the cloud. The only certainty is the PlayStation 5 will include virtual reality. The PS4 uses an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) that is built upon the x86-64 architecture. If Sony uses this architecture in the PS5 (which is likely), there’s a decent chance that the machine will offer backward compatibility with the PS4.

The Xbox One X currently retails for £450 or so. Knowing this, Sony will probably aim for a similar price point if it hopes for its next console to remain competitive.