How the “12 hour method” will help you lose weight

Lose weight by “12 hours weight loss rule”

A new study examined the “12 hour rule” method. This is not about what is eaten, but when.

Confining meals to a 12 hour window, such as 8am to 8pm, and fasting for the remaining day, appears to make a huge difference to whether fat is stored, or burned up by the body.

Unhealthy Overweight
Being overweight or obese can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack , there are plenty of reasons to get rid of excess pounds. Many try to become slimmer again through diet. But most of these methods are not suitable for everyday use and experts argue anyway for years on which form of diet is the best. According to a new study, it does not matter what is being eaten, but when.

Study with mice
A research team led by Dr. Satchidananda Panda from the Salk Institute in California found out that the body burns extra fat and calories when ingested within a certain time frame. The scientists used 400 mice on different nutrition plans for their study.

Some of the animals got a fatty or high-sugar diet. Others were given a high-sugar diet and others were given a balanced diet or fed in different time windows.

12 hour rule shows effect
It turned out that the rodents, who were only allowed to take their food in a time window of nine to twelve hours, remained leaner than the mice, which were allowed to consume the same amount of food for 24 hours.

Even the animals that were allowed to eat for 24 hours at the weekend, but returned to the maximum 12-hour rule during the week, were leaner than those who always had food available. The article goes on to say, obese animals actually became leaner according to this experiment.

Not every time of the day suitable for eating
The idea is to eat only within a certain period. Nutritionists emphasise that not every time of the day is suitable for eating.

However, such diets are to be treated with caution. Even if it helps reduce calorie intake, it remains important what is consumed over the remaining twelve hours. With pizza, fries, and pasta, those who want to lose weight could quickly slip into an unhealthy vicious circle.

Further research planned
Among other things, attention must be paid to a balanced intake of vitamins. In addition, long fasting can lead to difficult to control hunger attacks. It should also be noted that the study results on mice cannot be directly transferred to humans. Further research should therefore show what the 12-hour rule really means for weight loss in humans.

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