Charging your mobile phone battery faster

A battery that lasts a day or less is a very good reason to follow some tips to charge your mobile phone battery faster.

Here are simple things you can do before connecting your smartphone to the charger,  which can save you a noticeable amount of time before you use your mobile again.

They will help you in case you leave the phone charging during daytime, It is not advisable to use the phone while the charger is connected.

Why does your mobile phone does not charge fast?

1.  Because you are using the wrong charger

If you look into the spec of the original charger of your mobile phone you will see that, there should be indication of something like 5V – 0.7A (volts and amps, respectively) printed on it. To charge your mobile faster, what you should avoid is to use a charger with lower amps. If the charger is of higher amps there is no problem but, if it is less amps it will charge slower (if it is a very low value compared to the manufacturer’s recommendation, it cannot charge at all).

There is no risk of any kind when using a charger of higher amps.

The charger you are going to use should have the same volts as the original. If you use a charger with higher volt, you can fry your cell phone.

The most advisable thing here is to use the original charger that came with your mobile phone.

2.  Charge to the PC instead of using a wall charger

It is great to be able to charge the phone using the USB port of the PC. However, if you have your wall charger and an available outlet available, the best option for a faster battery charge is to take the second option.

A USB port on a PC can barely provide a current of 0.5A. It is a little less than 0.7A. Due to low amps and it takes longer for the battery to charge. The wall charger does not have this limitation and provides the maximum possible amps to the cell phone battery to charge, making the charge faster, practically.

The USB 3.0 ports offer up to 0.9A of current and could be the appropriate alternative. If we talk about current smartphones, which require a minimum current of 1A, this would not be ideal anymore.

If you want to charge your phone still faster..  turn off the mobile while charging

Your mobile in search of WiFi networks, 3G or 4G connection, or using GPS, background data transfers will extend the time taken to charge. If the cell phone is not doing anything else than charging, it will charge faster.

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