Google confirms that it has updated its core search algorithm …

Google does a major update of it search engine algorithm

A major update of its search algorithm was put in place last week, and that one should expect movements in the SERPs and gains or losses of positions for some sites.

Google SEO Update

Yesterday, the Twitter account “@SearchLiaison”, recently created by Danny Sullivan , tweeted that a major update of the engine’s algorithm ( broad core algorithm update ) had been put in place last week. Of course, some sites will gain visibility, others will lose, following this update as usual.

Remember that Google changes its algorithm more than 1600 times a year , more than 4 times a day, and most of these changes are completely invisible to the average user . But, every month or so, a deeper change is put in place, without Google communicating systematically about it.

This week, it is the case without indicating how this change changed the game or what criteria of relevance had been updated. But, again, it is a habit for Google not to comment more of these updates. It is therefore the analysis by SEOs that should say more (or not, because these updates have become so complex that it is most of the time difficult to come out clear conclusions) in the future.

TLDR: Continue to create good quality content and you should not have any problems.


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