Apple presents the new iPad 2018 with new Price and Features

Apple presents the new iPad 2018 with new Price and Features

Apple has presented a new iPad as expected. Contrary to expectations, the price of the device has not been dropped. For the same price users now get more features and a faster processor.

Apple New iPad 2018 Price Features
New iPad 2018 with Apple Pencil (Source: Apple)


As expected, Apple introduced a new iPad at a special education event in Chicago. Apple is updating the 9.7-inch iPad.

The Highlight is iPad non-Pro variant supports Apple Pencil, which now allows to draw and write on the device.

In addition, Apple updates the hardware slightly. New is the Apple-developed A10 processor, which was introduced with the iPhone 7. It replaces the old A9 chip in the iPad. Furthermore, the iPad should deliver a battery life of about 10 hours. The device weighs just under 500 grams.

Surprisingly: The new iPad is not as cheap as expected in advance. Home users get it from $329, schools can buy the device for $299. There is the WLAN model with 32 GB of storage space. LTE and 128 GB of storage space are available in high-end variants.

ipad 2018 price

Apple orders from open from now and will be delivered this week. The new iPad will be available soon in the Apple stores soon.

To take full advantage of the pen’s capabilities, Apple is adding new versions of the iWork apps. Among other things, they allow documents to be annotated individually. In addition to the very expensive Apple Pencil, there is now also a compatible pen from Logitech for the price of $49.

Apple also focuses on the AR functionality of the iPad, ie., the ability to scan objects with the camera and then display additional information on the device’s display. Among other things, students can virtually dissect a frog along the way.

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