Whatsapp Updates and New Features

WhatsApp extends its voice messaging capabilities

With the new WhatsApp update, the user can in future do other things while listening to a voice message. The handy feature is initially available only for iPhone users.

As of version 2.18.40, WhatsApp users can listen to voice messages on iPhone while using other programs. So far, the voice playback is stopped as soon as you left the app. In the future, voice playback will simply continue in the background. This also works when the lock screen is activated.

A second innovation is with the status messages of contacts. The Status Messages can now be viewed in the “Today” view.

GIF search simplified

The gif feature is one of the more popular features of WhatsApp. Now the search for the GIF format is simplified and improved.

WhatsApp redesigned its gif function and now makes it easier to find the short clips. In future, users will also be able to search in different categories. Previously, users had to enter keywords in a gif search to search for a matching clip.

New Links Feature

The Messenger gets a new feature that makes it easier to copy links. It is especially useful in group chats.

To forward a link, an arrow appears next to the message containing the link. Previously, to save you have to tap longer on the link, mark it, copy and paste.

WhatsApp has now changed this somewhat cumbersome practice. Now Android users just have to long tap the link to save it. Thereafter, a note (“copied”) will appear indicating that the link is stored.

New Delete Feature

WhatsApp will add a new deletion feature shortly. This should allow users to remove messages from the chat later. The recipient then sees only a message that the text has been deleted .

So far, users only have nine minutes to clear their message after sending it. In the trial version “WhatsApp Beta”, version 2.18.69 Android users now have 68 minutes to delete a message in retrospect.

Users can still delete their messages even if they have already been read by the recipients. However, if a message is quoted in an answer, this quote will be retained even after the deletion.

Photo Stickers

A new update for WhatsApp brings new stickers for photos and videos, as well as an improvement for group chats with many participants.

If the update to version 2.18.30 is installed, you can add new stickers before sending photos or videos. All you need to do is click on an emoji, then you can add a time and a location sticker. Currently, these are available in two versions, light and dark.

The update also improves the overview in larger groups, as it allows users to search the list with the group members. You can search by name or by phone number. The results are displayed in real time.

New Download Feature

WhatsApp apparently wants to introduce a new feature that allows all data stored by Messenger to be downloaded at once. The function is intended to improve the privacy.

This possibility applies it to the parent company Facebook for some time. In the test version of the messenger now appeared a corresponding download function (“download my data”) for the first time. It is still unknown when this will be available in the full version.

The data from the report can also be imported into other services or saved as a backup copy. Whether this also contains complete chat histories is still unclear.

Successfully sent data is not stored permanently by WhatsApp and can not be downloaded to devices that have sent this data. Chat histories can already be exported from the contact and group information. You can choose if you want to download photos and videos or not.

New Payments Feature

WhatsApp is testing a new in-app payment option. The test phase for the new feature has already in India.

As TechCrunch tech blog reports, users in India have noticed a new feature in the iOS and Android versions of WhatsApp. Screenshots of it appeared on Twitter. WhatsApp has been working on a payment function for the Indian market since April 2017. But the start of the test phase took almost a year.

Apparently, at the start of the test phase, a number of Indian banks will be there to enable immediate payments from one WhatsApp user to another. It uses the Indian “Unified Payments Interface” (UPI), which makes the immediate transfer of funds between banks possible. In India over 200 million people use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Windows 10

WhatsApp is now also available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. To use WhatsApp on the PC you either needed the desktop client or WhatsApp Web in the browser.

As with all Windows Store apps, installation and setup will work via a download link. The installation then runs through the store page. The app is automatically updated in the background.

WhatsApp for Cars

Users of a car with Apple’s CarPlay can now also use the WhatsApp messenger while driving.

The latest update of the app to version 2.18.20 adds it to suitably equipped cars in the CarPlay. This gives users more control options, allows them to dictate messages while driving, or to have them read aloud by the voice assistant Siri. An access to existing chats is not possible according to the information. WhatsApp is the first third-party messenger with CarPlay integration. Apple’s CarPlay can be found in Mercedes models.

Voice messages – First listen, then send

Now that the WhatsApp voice messaging feature has been improved recently, another feature is to make it possible to listen to voice messages before they are sent.

It is possible in the current version for the iPhone (from the WhatsApp version 2.18.10) to listen to the voice messages before sending. When the feature will be available for Android smartphones is not known yet. Android users can use the “WhatsApp Recorder” to update to listen to a voice message before sending.

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