Google replaces the gun emoji – A Fight against Weapons!

Google replaces the gun emoji – A Fight against Weapons!

Microsoft and Facebook are currently with their pistol emojis alone on the floor, because Google has now changed the picture in a water pistol.

Google is changing the pistol emoji to a water pistol with a recent Android update – and now Facebook and Microsoft are the only ones their pistol icons, because all the other big companies like Apple, Samsung or Twitter have already made similar changes.

Guns Emojis
(Source: Emojipedia)

After the announcement of the change on Android systems, Microsoft has responded quickly and communicated itself that they are planning a new version of the emojis. This returns Microsoft back to the former toy gun emoji, albeit in a slightly different design.

Facebook has also announced such a change, which has yet to be implemented, as in the case of Microsoft. Currently a gun icon can still be selected in Messenger.

Recent acts of Gun violence influences emoji design

As a rationale for adjusting the emoji on Windows, Microsoft said it was in the process of evolving emojis to accommodate its own values and feedback received from users.

As The Verge reports, the tech companies in the US in particular are worried about the increasing gun violence in their country. The changes to the pistol emoji, which Apple already made in 2016, Google, Samsung and Twitter in early 2018, take this debate into account.

When exactly we can expect a new version of the pistol emoji on Facebook and under Windows, is currently unknown.

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