Free Duplicate Cleaner Tool from Microsoft Store (Only for next 2 days)

Microsoft Windows 10 users can download the “Duplicate Cleaner Tool” for free from the Windows Store. Not only do you get powerful software that will save space on your HDD, but also save you money.

free duplicate cleaner

Google and Apple are known for giving away software or apps every now and then. But even Microsoft is not slouching and often offers Windows 10 apps for a short time for free.

The program helps you to quickly and easily detect duplicate files on your computer. After a brief analysis, you will get an overview of the duplicates found that you can delete.

Duplicate Cleaner Tool: a Small tool with many features

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In the Duplicate Cleaner Tool app, you can create a list of your folders or drives and exclude them individually from the search and also protect them from unintended deletion. In addition, the tool contains its own menu item, which lets you define the individual search criteria in detail.

windows duplicate cleaner

These include common options, search by name, file size, or file type. But even more, advanced search options such as comparing the hash data or browsing the hard drives for files with different byte sizes dominate the app. ” Duplicate Cleaner Tool ” is suitable for laymen as well as more experienced users.

The tool gives you full control over the search. With a variety of setting options and filtering options, you can tailor the search process to your personal needs. Exactly the right thing to track even the hidden duplicates and delete them later.

duplicate cleaner software

By default, the app compares duplicates by their fingerprint for 100% accuracy. Comparing by size, name, modified date and also containing folder are available as faster alternatives. Multiple filters allow you to only look for a certain type of files or files within a certain size or modified date to speed up the process.

Preview tool shows your thumbnail image and key properties of each duplicate file before attempting to delete. You’ll be confident and won’t delete anything that you need thanks to this feature.

duplicate cleaner software

Selection Assistant saves you a lot of time by selecting thousands of duplicates in a single click. You can choose to compare folder, date, size or name to select duplicates in each group. You won’t find this powerful tool in any other app on the Store.

Once you are done, the app brings you a complete report of what has been done, you can export the report to a CSV file for further uses.

Other features include: simultaneous scan, excluding folders, deep/shallow scanning, deleting to recycle bin and exuding zero file sizes.
You can find and remove thousands of duplicates quickly with just a few clicks. There are advanced filters, comparison options, and selection assistance if you are looking for more control.

duplicate cleaner software

Quick Preview –  Quickly view details of duplicate files (including size, date, path, thumbnail image, metadata) before deciding to remove them.
Selection Assistant – Quickly select and remove thousands of duplicates
Comparison Options – Use different comparison methods (content, name, size, date, folder) to find duplicates.
Filters – Only look for a certain type of files or files within a certain size or modified date to speed up the process.
Simultaneous Scan – Search multiple locations together.
Reporting – View and export full report of the removal process.


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