85″ Smart TV, Ford Fiesta, & More for 99% Off! Best Black Friday Deals You Missed!


Black Friday is nearly over, and you may have received some great deals. This is especially true if you shopped during Cards Against Humanity's–yes the popularly offensive card game–99% Off Black Friday Sale. If you didn't, then you sure missed out.

Here are the most outrageous Cards Against Humanity's Black Friday deals that you missed out on!

99% Off Black Friday Sale Deals:

(This event is unfortunately over)

  • A $20 Bill sold for 20¢ (Sold out at 8am)
  • 85" Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV for $34.99 (Sold out at 8:10am)
  • 17th Century Italian Halberd for $18.50 (Sold out at 9am)
  • Life-Size Orlando Bloom Cut-Out for 75¢ (Sold out at 9:10am)
  • 2015 Red Ford Fiesta for $97.50 (Sold out at 9:20am)
  • Presidential Mahogany Casket for $31.99 (Sold out at 9:30am)
  • 1.5 Carat Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring for $32.15 (Sold out at 9:40am)
  • $800 Applebee's Gift Card for $8.00 (Sold out at 10am)
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Did you shop during this event? If so, which deal were you able to snag?

Here's to hoping they have the same sale next year!