Sridevi : From Meenampatti to Mumbai …

Saddened by the tragedy of Actress Sridevi’s death is her native village of Meenampatti village.

Sridevi was born as a daughter to Ayyappan – Rajeswari couple. Ayappan was married to Rajeswari when she was studying in law school in Chennai.

His family lived in Chennai where he used to work and would visit his hometown of Meenampatti to take part in family events and festivals.

Rajeswari who came to his native village Meenampatti during her pregnancy gave birth to Sridevi on 13 August 1963.

A few months after her birth, Ayyappan-Rajeswari couple returned to Chennai with their baby.

Sridevi started her cinema career at the age of four and was interested in a variety of art, dancing, and music from a young age. The people of Meenampatti are proud of her achievements from a young age.

People of Meenampatti have never met Sridevi too often. But when she comes occasionally, all are well-versed with her. Several years later, the villagers were also praising Sridevi that she would recollect the memory of them and would speak well to them.

The villagers say it is a huge loss to the film industry and an even bigger loss to them that cannot be compensated, her death is a great shock and tragedy.

At a young age, her father Ayyappan died of heart attack in 1990 and mother Rajeswari’s died due to cancer in 1996. Sridevi later married.

Sridevi’s father Ayyappan contested in Sivakasi constituency in 1989 assembly elections. Sridevi joined her father for a weeks campaign.

Her relatives say that Sridevi has never come to her native village. After the death of her parents due to circumstances she did not come to her hometown for a long time.

Before his father’s defeat in the 1989 election, his grandfather Ramasamy had won as Janata Party candidate in 1977.

He has been the Panchayat President for 10 years and has been serving for about 20 years.

Her sister’s husband Sanjay Ramasamy, has been a member of the Sivakasi constituency in 1991. Her father and Mr. Ramasamy started a Primary School for the poor and middle-class students in Meenampatti village. The school is still functioning.

Sridevi’s father Ayyappan married for the second time to one of his relative’s daughter. They had two sons, Satish and Anandan. Satish is no more. Anandan currently lives in Sivakasi alone.

Her father’s second wife’s family has no relation with her.
Mr. Kanthan, a native resident of Meenampatti village said, “Even tough this is Sridevi’s hometown rarely she meets her family and relatives only during festivals”

“During the elections of 1989 when her father was contesting he would stay and campaign for votes. Only during those time we have seen her. We have never seen Sridevi after 1990’s. During his visit Anandan would help with their stay here”